The Ayana Resort- Rimba Jimbaran Bali

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One of the most charming places to stay in Rimba Jimbaran, Bali, Ayana sprawls across 90 hectares of land area. Yes, it does have the ocean view. No, it’s not included in the resort area I just mentioned. 😛 The dazzling driveway between the entrance and the resort reception itself gives you a sneak-peak into what lies ahead. But only a sneak peak, so hold your breath when your eyes meet the infinity pool visible from the hotel lobby. We were welcomed by a group of pleasant front desk staff members and the check-in process was quick and smooth. They might have undergone a patience test in handing over the welcome drink, face tissue and getting our guest details out as I couldn’t stop my feet from restlessly walking around the pool area.

Our room was spacious, minimalistic yet tastefully done. Unlike most hotels, you could step out in the extended outdoor section, lounge, read and smoke. We had taken an overnight flight so an afternoon siesta seemed inviting. In evening we caffeinated ourselves sitting outside the room, watching the greens and then headed out for evening drinks. We were excited to go around the property but there was no way we expected a prepossessing sight just a few steps away from our room. The sunset at infinity pool was breathtaking! There was also a tree, a lonely one, that gave so much character to what our eyes could register and our senses could gather. Thinking aloud, it was just the perfect direction, angle, spot, whatever, for the pool to watch over. Photographers and selfie addicts must beware of this spot. 😀

The luxurious Ayana boasts of having the most popular and spectacular bars in Bali, Rock Bar. Watching the Sun go down the horizon is a sight not to be missed at this exotic bar extended over levels. The place offers interesting cocktails, delicious finger food, a kind staff and great music. Visitors must make sure to arrive not later than 5pm, else you may end up spending an hour in the waiting queues. Although in-house guests get priority access, reaching early is recommended. You don’t want to return thirsty from the river, do you? If you wish to have dinner, a prior reservation may be required.

Not only were our evenings exquisite at Ayana, the mornings were satiating too. They offer one of the best breakfast spreads I have ever had. In order to be just to the elaborate menu they serve, please make sure to indulge for at least an hour. Conclude the scrumptious meal with amazing Java coffee, hot or cold. I am lusting for their iced latte as I write.  As an ovo-vegetarian I was spoiled with choices, nonvegetarians will be in awe of all the delicacies around.

I must admit that the hotel staff was courteous as well as intuitive beyond expectations. Throughout our stay, little things were taken care of without being asked. It must have been one of the most pampering vacations ever. Highly recommended if you are looking for a luxurious stay in Bali, keep a day extra to go around Ayana. 🙂


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