Beetroot & Cabbage Cutlets

  Hey Fellow Hippies! Hope you’re keeping your tastebuds happy and your gut healthy. I had vanished in between to the ‘Food Capital of Punjab’, a.k.a Amritsar. How I had to keep away from it’s pride chole- bhature (Deep fried wheat bread served with chick peas in spicy tomato and onion gravy)! Anyhow, more about…

Why Singapore is what it is!

I had often heard about couples visiting Singapore for honeymoon. As I prefer destinations with natural surroundings, I used to wonder what takes them to the city of vertical development with everything man-made, except for the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. My bad, I underestimated this place with ‘good vibes’ until my visit…

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Joey loves Pizza, and so do all of us! But every time after gorging on one, I used to have these guilt pangs. 😦 Please don’t overestimate my fitness level, I am not a superwoman! I just try to be one with minimum effort possible. 😀 And.. and.. and.. Pizza only deserves love and respect,…


Exploring Dang, Gujarat.

Back to Basics!

Do monkeys sit in one corner of the earth? NO! They jump from one tree to another, pluck and taste new fruits, play with each other, tease cows and crows, and screech at humans! Were we always human? No! Do our ancestors like us bound? No! Is that why they screech at us? May be, yes!