Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort and Spa, Vietnam

The stay broke the ice between Hyatt and the Happy Hippie and How! The dominance of ‘H’ is screaming ‘happiness’ here because it was in beautiful beyond words Vietnam. Delay in flights between Cambodia and Vietnam is as common as my craving for coffee, so checking into Hyatt Da Nang was the best part of the day and only a beginning. The friendly club car ride took us from the hotel reception to our apartment, which literally became our home for the next three nights.

The apartment had two bedrooms, two washrooms, a sitting area with television, a fully equipped kitchenette with coffee machine, dining set, work table and a balcony overlooking the pool, play area and a bit of the ocean. The master bedroom was comfortable with television, another view from the window and a spacious bathroom. Sitting in the balcony and soaking in the windy view was a good idea before retiring for the day. I have a thing for big bathrooms, the only downside is that you end up spending more time indoors. But if you are a couple that makes its POA the same morning, it should work in your favour. 😀

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With a good breakfast spread, you have an excuse to make your partner spend more time wandering around, thinking about what to eat next to get even. Equality ain’t that difficult to achieve, after all! Back to my job, the breakfast was great with a hearty variety for humankind, Vegan, Ovo-Lacto vegetarian, Non-vegetarians. If you are a traveller who crosses intoxication boundaries or just health conscious in general, they have a wide variety of fresh juices and infused waters for detox. Mornings couldn’t start better with a few bottoms up. A separate counter for little ones was certainly making the day easier for the senior generation. We could choose from a fusion of fruits, cereal, salads, bread, dairy, eggs, noodles, rice and bakery to end with your favourite beverage from their coffee station. The staff was alert and pro-active to take care of a bustling restaurant with several junior visitors.

I took my coffee-to-go so I could enjoy the holy nectar on the beach. Our first morning saw intermittent clouds that added drama to the sea and hillocks on the other side. My partner had a business conference to attend so he practically had several meals in two days, all of which made him talk more than usual at night. (Great news!) The open areas are especially perfect for family travellers, with multiple pools, beach seating, rock climbing, tennis court and cute little spots to engage. No wonder I saw the maximum number of guests with children in the property. If you are one of them, you may want to book the apartments instead of rooms for a more comfortable, homely feel.

The housekeeping, concierge and in-room services were flawless. You can also request a club car to go around the expansive property beautifully planned around the sea. It is hardly a 15-20 minutes drive from the airport with convenient cab services. For the first time, a hotel felt like home and leaving from there invited some mixed feelings. Our stay was nothing short of perfect and I highly recommend Hyatt Regency Da Nang Resort and Spa to business, leisure and family travellers.



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