Office Decor

Just like people, spaces have a character too. Needless to mention, it is an extension of the identity of the person that place belongs to! eSec Security Consultants is a decade young tech company that provides security, surveillance, networking and automation solutions. Founded by two partners with diverse backgrounds, the team has a majority of young members. The Director and System Design Architect wanted a smart, practical yet a young vibe for his new office. Sixteen hundred square feet is not much space to play around with, hence, the design had to be workable yet elegant at the same time.

The ceiling is kept exposed and a simple concrete floor was created to maintain minimalism. Combination of Wood and clear toughened glass has been used to give a sense of space. Workstations are modular with magnetic white panels in front to encourage an interactive work environment. The whites and browns are complemented by black chairs in the open seating areas while white chairs break the monotony of wooden accents in closed cabins. A pantry with ample space for a coffee machine, microwave, water cooler and office supplies-storage has been provided with two restrooms. Indoor plants in white planters along with white vases and candle stands add liveliness to the over-all look. Hanging lights in metal, cement and wooden combination have been used to add warmth. The rawness of concrete combined with metal symbolizes a refreshing mix of creativity & technology which is at the heart of the company’s DNA. The conference room is fully equipped with two screens, a futuristic IP audio system, high-end surveillance cameras, Wireless Access Control, Bodyworn Camera making it an experience centre along with a meeting space. Respecting the ethos of sustainability, reclaimed teak furniture and entire office space is custom designed by TectonaGrandis and designer Dhruvkant Amin.


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